That Conference: Vim–An Introduction for Visual Studio Developers

Presented by Michael Eaton. I attended this session mainly because I’ve realized how much I rely on the mouse lately and how much it slows me down. I enjoy working on my Lenovo ThinkPad because it has the little mouse stub in the keyboard so my hands never have to travel far from the keyboard, but it still takes time to navigate using the cursor just to navigate around. Not only is that slow, but it’s been killing the index finger to fly across a screen.

  • Everything comes down to “My <insert topic here> is better than yours!”. It really just comes down to “Use what you want to use”
  • Vim is definitely far better for touch typist rather than the hunt-and-peck typists.
  • Vim is designed to be really close to the home row.
  • Vim written by Bram Moolenaar and others.
  • vim/gvim/vsVim/viEmu
  • Command mode, insert mode, visual mode, execute mode
  • [i] to go into Insert Mode
  • [Esc] to go back into Command Mode
  • in CM, [Shift]+[A] to go into the end of a line and goes into insert mode
  • Basically look for a Vim tutorial
  • vim is a pure command line editor
  • gvim is the graphical vim editor so it’s slightly friendlier GUI version of vim
  • http://github.com/alanstevens/KickassVim
  • http://vim.org
  • http://pragprog.com/book/dnvim/practical-vim
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