That Conference: Truth and Myth in Software Development

This session was present by Leon Gershing (aka Ruby Buddha). The subtitle is “Truth, Myth and Reality.”

  • Git Immersion and Ruby Koans
  • “Do as I say or…”
    • You’re inferior
    • Your priorities are off
    • You can’t be successful
    • You are worthless
    • You’re not a developer
  • A different way of looking at the world is actually a good thing, stop being negative about it
  • Don’t be so dogmatic about something, it just takes practice.
  • Testing, like everything else, is a tool to help you get better at what you do
  • It’s okay to listen to dogma, but don’t just accept it at face value. Always evaluate the information.
  • Everyone must find their own path; their own subjective reality
  • Myth: that which preceded you is invalid.
    • Reality: waterfall is dead. Long live Agile!
    • Agile is Dead…in the same way that punk is dead
  • Agile manifesto was written by 10 hippies…
  • Perception is Reality
  • Where are you heading?
    • Only you can decide where you want to go
    • No one can tell you the answer except yourself
    • Changing your mind about your current path doesn’t bind you to that path, it changes the direction of the path
  • Find forced mentors
    • people that inspire you on any level
    • Have lots of them
    • remember that celebrity is just being popular, not that you want to be just like him
    • Seek out wisdom from all places; from people and locations of all ages and locations
  • Wisdom, like mustaches and mullets, can’t be given. They must be earned.
  • read the poem “The Perfect High” by Shel Silverstein
  • Pro-tips:
    • Read more code than you write, not books or anything else, just read code
    • Write code, and then write it again, then delete it, then write it again, then delete it, then write it again, then…
    • Play with others. There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom.
    • Trust your instincts.
    • Think AND Feel. It lets you understand everything and have some empathy
    • Enjoy now.
    • Don’t rely on your own excuses (I don’t have the time).
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