Codemash: Building maintainable ASP.NET MVC

This was presented by Chris Patterson from RelayHealth.  He’s an active open source developer, so that’s probably why his name sounds so familiar to me.  He’s also a Visual C# MVP.

  • Since much of the audience are not ASP.NET MVC programmers, he covered a lot of the basics.
  • Talked about some of the MvcContrib/ASP.NET MVC 2 features.
  • Controller should be the only thing that talks to the Domain Model.  The Controller, View Model, and View all have an idea of each other.
  • View Models should only have data.  No behaviors.  It should be a flattened structure.

Overall the presentation was aimed at those who’ve never looked at the framework before.  Maybe if I hadn’t already done a project using this technology before it would be worthwhile to me.  But overall it wasn’t quite what the session abstract stated.  So that means it’s time to kick in the law of two feet and go find a session that I’ll actually learn something.

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