Codemash: 0-60 With Fluent NHibernate

This was presented by Hudson Akridge.  He contributes to Fluent NHibernate.

  • Automapping
    • the classes need to be public (classes were A and B)
    • all properties need to be virtual
    • in the configuration

      .Mappings(mapping => mapping.AutoMappings.Add(AutoMap.AssemblyOf<A>().Where(x=>x.Namespace == “…”))
  • Fluent Mapping
    • Needs a parameterless constructor
    • Nested Expression Exposition
    • Nested Mapping
    • Reveal using string based names
  • www.fluentnhibernate.org
  • http://github.com/jagregory/fluent-nhibernate

The talk was given to the Chicago ALT.NET group back in July 2009.  You can catch the video here: http://chicagoalt.net/event/July2009Meeting060withFluentNHibernate.

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