Code Mash Keynote #3: JavaScript Will Save Us All

The keynote was given by Eric Meyer.  After a few days of getting up MUCH earlier than I'm used to, I was mostly awake for keynote.  So overall here's some notes from it:

  • "How I learned to stop worrying and Love the DOM"
  • Typeface.js
  • Squirrelfish - JS engine in webkit.
  • The canvas tag can do amazing things.  IE doesn't support canvas, but there's a JS that will convert it to VML
  • dean.edwards.name/ie7 - fixes CSS issues of IE5 & IE6
  • Bluff - JS port of Graff graphing engine from Ruby
  • Web browsers can soon become "Speaking Browsers" in that they will read off the content to the user
  • Microformats are useful, but they're generally invisible to the user.  There's a Firefox plug-in that will pick them up, but it groups all of them on a page together and it isn't always obvious for the user to keep an eye on the bar.
  • Processing.js is an interesting project that makes use of the canvas element
  • Objective J came about as a way to carry Objective C to the browser
  • 280slides.com is a presentation software that's entirely web based
  • IETF is the group that takes the "Innovate first, standard second" as opposed to W3C which is "Standardize first, innovate second"
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