Code Mash: Guerilla SOA on the WCF

Presented by Joshua Graham. Part of Thought Works

Thought Works -> Twist - Collaborative Test Automation

  • SOA -> Same old architecture?
  • ESB -> Erroneous Spaghetti Box?
  • Agility -> Embracing change, designs that don't anticipate everything but facilitate change, enabling people to get things done
  • Simple, Incremental, Planetary Scale, Integration Architecture
  • SOAP was okay, but it had a LOT of downfalls because of tight coupling, versioning, etc.  It's why so many people go to REST
  • Many people approach WCF the same way the approach DCOM.  There's a remote object I'll call methods on, get it's state, etc.
  • Dynamic type of integration binding helps out a bit, but there's still a lot of overhead.
  • Syntactic binding allows a more open connectivity between service and client
  • What we wanted
    • Not exposing domain model types
    • Flexible content model
    • No types mirroring content model
    • consumer-driven contracts
    • light XSD
    • Schematron-style validation and message comprehension
  • [MatchAllEndpoints] attribute on a service class?

Overall not that great of a session.  The only "cool" part of the presentation is that he's using a Java client to talk to the service hosted in IIS.  Basically he presented a 100% pre-built solution that doesn't really go into the framework that much because it has one method that creates it's own SOAP message.  The one method processes the message and based on attributes/nodes that are present it will processes the message a certain way.  Defeats the purpose of using WCF because it does a lot of the work automatically.  Guess I'll have to hit on those points when I give my own presentation in March.

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