TV costs you at least $10,000/year

Came across an article about how TV costs you more than you may currently realize. In all honesty I never thought about it in terms of my worth, but I made the move to drop the expense of TV over two years ago. I ended up becoming a big fan of Blockbuster Online because at the time I had a store just a couple miles down the road from me. When they switched their business model to allow for the in store movie exchange I became hooked. Forget about Netflix where I might be able to see three movies a week, with Blockbuster I'm able to catch up on six a week (three from my online queue and three from the store). Lately I've been so busy with work that I don't even bother with trading the movies in at the store.

Although I haven't gone in the direction of making use of this extra free time from lack of TV, I do value the time away to not let my brain just rot. I've also noticed a funny thing about society in my lack of TV viewing: people form a lot of conversation around what's on TV. There's been several times when coworkers have asked me if I saw a TV show or even a commercial that was on the night before. That's when I remind them of my TV viewing habits and the conversation falls into silence. Some point me to Youtube to catch the commercial, but that I've tried to avoid as well. User generated content is all well and good, but the quality of that content leaves a lot to be desired and how much of it is actually education or beneficial in some way? I'd have to say almost none, but I'd be happy if somebody could prove me wrong.
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